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Распродажа оборудования: Flamingo 220S

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DVB to IP gateway -     FLAMINGO



For IPTV - TV retransmission over IP

Anevia Flamingos are professional DVB to IP gateways. They enable the transmission of encrypted or free to air digital channels available from satellite channels (DVB-S or DVB-S2), from digital terrestrial TV (DVB-T), cable TV (DVB-C) or professional DVB equipment (DVB-ASI). This can be done in unicast or multicast mode over an IP network.

For all kind of IPTV channels

The Flamingo 220S, 220T and 220C aim at broadcasting the satellite (QPSK), cable (QAM) and DTT (OFDM) encrypted or free to air channels over IP. This new generation is replacing the former product range: Flamingo 110S, 200S, 200T and 200C.

The Flamingo 400A is dedicated to the conversion from ASI sources to IP.

TV input
Free to air channels Encrypted Channels Main Features
Flamingo 220S
2 satellite
• Up to 60 channels (300Mbps) per Flamingo
• 2 full transponders
• 5 in 1 Box
• Advanced features: high availability, time shared services, PID filtering, PID remapping
Flamingo 220C
2 cable
Flamingo 220T
Flamingo 400A


Benefits of the Flamingos 220x

More performance: 2 full transponders per equipment (up to 60 channels streamed with only one equipment), lower price per channel/transponder, Gigabit Ethernet ports, new hardware and software.

More features: free to air or encrypted channels streamed, DVB-S2 compatibility, time shared services, PID remapping, PID filtering.

More simplicity: all-in-one 1RU (demodulator, descrambler, muxer…), management (via SNMP, web service or web interface), 2 CAM slots in front panel, product range simplification.



Telecom operators : Flamingo offers worldwide TV channels for a Triple Play service. To extend the channels number, DVB to IP gateways can be added.

Broadcaster: Flamingo perfectly matches "full IP" head-ends.

Corporate or hospitality : Flamingo provides TV to hotels bedrooms, desks and offices through an IP network. Only a few DVB to IP gateways are needed.

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